Raya J

Makeup Artist
Beauty Connoisseur

 Sherraya Smith, Owner/CEO of Raya J. Beauty initially started her company to give herself something to be proud of, something she could look back on and say, "SHE DID THAT." She realized it was time to walk within her purpose of beauty. She had her children and a pretty solid career, but something was missing. She wanted something MORE. In 2018, she decided to go after a sought-after goal to work for M.A.C Cosmetics. Many big named artists and influencers got their start working for the brand and she wanted to be a big name too. But in 2019 life hit hard when she almost lost her oldest daughter to a sudden diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, so her purpose had to be put on hold.

She was ready to QUIT but her daughter wouldn't allow her and encouraged her to keep going. And that's exactly what she did!!! However, when the pandemic hit in 2020, she lost her position at M.A.C and it was back to the drawing board. She knew she wanted to continue pursuing her career in makeup, so she wasn't going to stop there. She gathered her brushes and got to working on building her portfolio and utilizing all the platforms she could to become a premier artist. So here she is to service you and all of your beauty needs while EMPOWERING YOU TO DEFINE YOUR OWN BEAUTY!!!