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Raya J

Makeup Artist

I remember being young, going to the mall and visiting the M•A•C store. Back then M•A•C lip gloss was the thing to have because you wanted your lip gloss to be poppin'. I would walk in the store and imagine myself as one of the ladies in black with the bright eyeshadow, the glitter and long lashes.

I later fell in love with how much makeup did to enhance features and lifted spirits. As I grew, so did my responsibilities but it never took away the love I had for makeup. Growing up I was always different, from the way I spoke, the way I dressed and some times the way I wore my hair. Makeup gave me a shield of not caring and the opportunity to just be me. I knew I wanted to be an artist, not just for the way it made me feel but for the way it could make others feel.

To this day, there's no greater feeling than the one I get when I see a client look at themselves for the first time. To see them acknowledge their own beauty; The smiles, happiness and overall satisfaction are worth more than I could ever imagine. It reminds me why I chose this path of beauty. Makeup, for me, is about more than popping on some lashes, contouring and changing the way you look. Its about being able to show your glow from the inside out and to celebrate your beauty to your own standards.

Your Truly, Raya J.


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